Stephanie Woodman, a Wellington, New Zealand based artist.
Adult Art Programme

Stephanie believes there is an artist in every one of us. What we often lack is the space, the encouragement and the learned skills to express our inner vision and how we see the world. She opens up that world to her students by demystifying the techniques that can be used to reflect it in their art.

When teaching adults Stephanie believes that the most important thing is to teach the structure and systems of drawing and painting. For Stephanie these are the foundations of creative self-expression. "It's learning and practising the principles and the methods that will bring results," she says.

She works with learning and skilled artists, meeting each person at their level while building their skills and confidence.

The rewards of bringing art into your life are immense - for some it's a busy person's meditation, for others the thrill of artistic expression, or simply seeing and experiencing the world in a more vibrant way. Stephanie's adult art classes give people the space to discover and explore the visual arts in a supportive but structured way.